About TLfS

Tomorrow’s Leaders for Sustainability Inc. (TLfS) is a small not-for-profit organisation with a big vision.  We work with groups at the coalface of school and community education to help disseminate our programs and our vision for a sustainable future. We develop programs and events that help people of all ages to understand the issues of sustainability, while giving them the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to become leaders in their circle of influence. We train facilitators to deliver these programs to increase the reach of our programs and to increase our impact within our target groups. We also work with corporate and government partners to maximise our reach and impact within the communities in which we operate.


The Co-Founders of the TLfS Program are Pat Armstrong and Jane Stewart.  For more information about these key members of the TLfS organisation click on their personal profiles.

Pat Armstrong (PDF - 33.6KB)
Jane Stewart (PDF - 41.5KB)



Caption: Pat Armstrong & Jane Stewart


Eco Champions is an integrated set of programs and events to build the capacity of waste / sustainability education officers in councils, so that they can build capacity in school teachers and students, and community leaders to lead sustainability projects. Read the Eco Champions Prospectus 2016 to find out more.


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