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Dr Brian Sharpley, one of Australia's leading sustainability education researchers, was officially engaged to research and evaluate the Leading the Way Forum held in the Wimmera in South Western Victoria late in 2009.  The following reports details this research.

Summary Report - (PDF - 406KB)

Full Report (PDF- 626KB)



TLfS Reader Series

The TLfS Reader Series is a collection of research papers dealing with issues of leadership, sustainability and a range of associated topics.  When the TLfS Readers are released they will be made available to all TLfS Members.  Go to our Contacts page to find out how to become a Member of the TLfS organisation.


TLfS Reader #1 Feb 2010

 Are leaders born or are all students capable of showing leadership for sustainability?  Read the article to find out more about …


Literature Search on Youth Leadership - including:

  •      Models of Adult and Youth Leadership 
  •      Preparing Young People for the Future Workplace
  •      A More Formal Approach to Youth Leadership
  •      Youth Development
  •      Full Bibliography


TLfS Reader #2 Sept 2011

Do you need some help with meaningful student projects? Read this article to find out how to ....

  •       Set up and manage built projects
  •       Keep animals at school
  •       Set up and maintain school gardens
  •       Set up and maintain communication & IT projects
  •      Set up competitions & events   
  •      and a whole range of other projects.


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