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TLfS received positively by students

Feedback from the students who participated in the TLfS program during 2008 has been very positive. Evaluation surveys from one secondary school shows that the students have gained a greater understanding of many aspects of leadership and sustainability, but, even more importantly, they report that they have improved their leadership skills, they feel more confident in themselves and their capacity to bring about change, they have changed their own behaviour towards sustainability and they have influenced their peers and their family to change as well.

The following comments were made by students when asked for their overall thoughts about the TLfS program:

  • Interesting, entertaining and informative. I want to be more sustainable.
  • So much fun. I learnt so much and I might learn about forestry.
  • Caroline (Facilitator) was excellent. She made it heaps of fun and exciting. I feel very confident and proud.
  • I really enjoyed it and I really learnt and achieved a lot. Sam (Forestry industry speaker) was very interesting.
  • It was great fun to learn as well as make friends. I liked the projects and how we got to choose them.
  • It was different (in a good way) from most programs I've done in the past. More people should do it.

This kind of feedback is very encouraging and indicates the potential of the program to bring about real change in student’s knowledge, skills and capacity to influence others.

Participants from Princes Hill Secondary College in Melbourne

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