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Our first TLfS Facilitator

Caroline Packham from the Port Phillip Eco Centre in Melbourne was the first educator to be trained as a TLfS Facilitator in 2008. Caroline attended a TLfS Workshop in May 2008 and then worked with TLfS mentors to customise the program to fit local conditions, deliver the program in a local school and submit a number of applications for funding to sustain her work in this area of community education.

Caroline with some TLfS participantsCaroline successfully completed the TLfS Program with girls from Canterbury Girls School in Melbourne with nine students successfully graduating at the end of 2008. She also managed to secure funding from the ERM Foundation which will enable her to continue this work with schools in the Port Phillip region in 2009.

Caroline is excited at the prospects of expanding her delivery of the TLfS program in her region as she sees how well it supports her organisation’s goals of community education in the area of sustainability and leadership.

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