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New programs and services in 2010!

Tomorrow's Leaders for Sustainability (TLfS) is an organisation that aims to help different members of the community take on the challenge of leading the way in living more sustainably in their homes, schools and organisations. 2010 will see us achieve this objective by delivering a broader range of training programs and services within the community.


Training Programs

All of the school programs are based on a holistic and interactive approach to learning that respects the student's prior experience, knowledge and skills. The School programs include: 

  1. Introduction to Tomorrow's Leaders for Sustainability (for teachers and educators, aimed at primary and secondary schools)
  2. Years 11&12 Advanced Leadership
  3. Whole of School Strategic Planning in Youth Leadership for Sustainability

NEWS FLASH: Particpants can now register with Pdi to have the TLfS Workshop contribute to Victorian Institute of Teaching Professional Development requirements.  View the program details on the following site:


We now also provide training in Leadership in Sustainability for Community Leaders.


Sustainability Events

The TLfS organisation can also organise a number of leadership events to give students, businesses and community organisations the opportunity to strengthen their partnerships in the area of sustainability. These events include: 

  1. Sustainability Youth Forums - for TLfS Graduates
  2. Youth Leadership in Sustainability Conference - 1 Day event to showcase local projects
  3. 1, 2 or 3 Day Forums - based on a local theme


With a range of products and services available to different sectors of the community, TLfS staff is also able to consult on various aspects of all programs described above. This consultancy will be geared at different levels depending on the scale of program sought by the client.


All TLfS programs and services are supported by a comprehensive set of resources including: 

  • Facilitator, teacher and student workshops
  • Educational resource materials - Secondary & Primary
  • TLfS website with Members' section
  • Regular newsletter showcasing TLfS activities
  • TLfS Learning Network Manual

For more information please read our TLfS brochures or go to our Contact page and send a request for more information.

TLfS Schools brochure (PDF - 334KB)

TLfS Members brochure (PDF - 182KB)

TLfS Consultancy brochure (PDF - 260KB)


 2009 TLfS Workshop participants 


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