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Manningham Youth Sustainability Forum

The Manningham Youth Sustainability Forum, held on the 13th October 2010, was attended by over 50 students and their teachers from secondary schools in Manningham.  The aim of this one day Forum was to bring together students from Manningham schools to work together to create a picture of the City of Manningham as a sustainable city in 2020.  This was achieved by dividing all the students into nine Special Interest Groups, having them undertake a series of activities over the day, and then asking them to deliver a 5 minute group presentation in the afternoon.


During the morning, the Indigenous Hip Hop Projects delivered a half-hour activity based on ideas of self esteem and personal worth.  The students loved the musical elements of this activity, while appreciating the message of the group.


We invited some inspiring young people to give a presentation to the group.  Rachel Lowry, Zoos Victoria Community Conservation Manager, gave a presentation on taking leadership for sustainability and Tom Dowsley, Youth Leadership for Sustainability in Manningham, gave a presentation about how to run a sustainability project in his community.  Both speakers did a great job and students commented on how inspired they felt to take action themselves.


During the morning students were able to visit a number of exhibits at a Sustainability Expo to help them research the Forum topic from the point of view of their respective Special Interest Groups.  Some of the exciting orgainisations who exhibited at the Expo included:


  • Friends Warrandyte State Park
  • Grandstand for the Environment
  • Manningham City Council
  • Melbourne Water/Water Watch
  • Sustainable Gardening Australia
  • Yarra Valley Water
  • Warrandyte Climate Action Now

In the afternoon, each group gave a five minute presentation, based on five open-ended questions based on the Forum theme of: Manningham 2020, Imagining a Sustainable Future.


At the conclusion of the presentations, teachers summarised the key points of each presentation and a community 'elder' summed up the Forum in general.  Students were given the opportunity to vote on recommendations for key "changes for a more sustainably Manningham" and to make commitments to personal action to live more sustainably at home, school and the community.  These commitments have been collated into Forum posters.


To read the commitments made the students read the documents below.

Commitments to action at home (PDF 213KB)

Commitments to action at school (PDF 212KB)

Commitments to action in the community (PDF 201KB)


For more information about the Forum use our contact page.



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