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New Committee of Management for TLfS 


Caption: (Back left) Colin Hocking, (Back middle) Jane Stewart, (Back right) April Seymore

(Front left) Pat Armstrong, (Front right) Kirsty Costa


Tomorrow's Leaders for Sustainability Inc. is proud to announce that it had its first meeting of its new Committee of Management on the 2nd September 2011.  This new committee will help guide the development and expansion of the TLfS organisation over the coming years.


The positions of new members are as follows;

Colin Hocking - Chair  (Bio - 35.3KB)

Jane Stewart - Treasurer (Bio - 41.5KB)

Pat Armstrong - Secretary (Bio - 33.6KB)

Kirsty Costa - Member (Bio - 91.6KB)

April Seymore - Member (Bio - 98.0KB)

Stuart Evans - Member


Download the Bios to read about each member.


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