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Eco Champions in Mornington Peninsula 2015 

The Eco Champions for the Peninsula Program aims to foster leadership for sustainability amongst students and teachers in the Mornington Peninsula so that they can make significant contributions to the environmental outcomes of the region.

Tomorrow's Leaders for Sustainability (TLfS) has been funded by the Mornington Peninsula Shire to lead the program and will work with the Shire and a number of local groups to maximise onground environmental outcomes.  The program, which is comprised of training workshops, events and promotional activities will run during the 2015 school year.  

The Mornington Peninsula Shire is funding 20 FREE places to the Eco Champions Facilitator Program and 20 FREE places to the Teacher Leadership Program. 

Download the Eco Champions Registration Form  or contact us for more information. 

Key Dates in 2015

16–19 Mar  Mornington Peninsula Primary Schools E-Week

25 Mar       Applications close for both training programs

27 Mar       Teachers/schools notified of their place in training programs

23 Apr       Deliver Eco Champions Facilitator Program (Full day workshop)

30 Apr       Launch Student Eco Champions Zero Impact Challenge (Half day event)

7 May        Deliver 1st Workshop Teacher Leadership Program (3 hour session)

21 May      Deliver 2nd Workshop Teacher Leadership Program (3 hour session)

4 Jun        Deliver 3rd Workshop Teacher Leadership Program (3 hour session)

18 Jun      Deliver 4th Workshop Teacher Leadership Program (3 hour session)

16 Jul       Deliver 5th Workshop Teacher Leadership Program (3 hour session)

22 Oct      Deliver Student Eco Champions Forum & Announce Winners of Zero Impact Challenge (Half day event)


Key Environmental Objectives

•  Decreased waste and litter production, decreased energy and water use, improved biodiversity on the Peninsula

•  Positive behaviour change among participants through ongoing initiatives and projects on sustainability issues relating water, waste, energy and biodiversity

•  Increased community knowledge and skills about leadership for sustainability and increased appropriate behaviour related to sustainability issues through localised training programs and events

•  Increased community awareness and appreciation of sustainability projects initiated by leaders in schools

•  Increased participation in local sustainability projects in schools and the local community

•  A range of localised training resources and communication materials to support leadership for sustainability for school students and teachers


To find out more contact TLfS on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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