Becoming a Supporter

TLfS Inc. is keen to seek new supporters for the delivery of the TLfS program in schools and communities across Australia.  There are a number of ways to become a supporter of the TLfS program.

Financial Supporter

TLfS Inc. is seeking financial support from groups keen to support student leadership in sustainability.  This financial assistance will help with the continued development and delivery of the TLfS program.  If you think our program will help you achieve your organisational goals and objectives, please contact us to discuss ways of collaboration further.

In return, we will offer financial supporters a number of benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • Organisation logos on the TLfS website
  • Organisation logos on TLfS printed materials eg: Newsletter, Progress Report, Graduation certificates, etc
  • Opportunity to showcase your organisation to the TLfS Alliance

In-kind Supporter

There are a number of ways in-kind supporters can contribute to the TLfS program – financial supporters might also like to contribute to the program as described in the activities below:

  • Help with content development – ie; updates on latest in research, latest industry information, latest career opportunities
  • Help with project development – ie; research topics, enterprise project ideas, work placement opportunities
  • Help with project delivery – ie; supply of materials, supply of location, mentoring in project activities

Becoming a supporter of the TLfS program will be a strategic marketing decision for any government, industry or community group.  Not only will you be able to contribute to the development of content for the program, but you will demonstrate social responsibility by supporting youth leadership in sustainability through vocationally based education.

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